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At Caspian we strive for prompt, efficient and courteous service to leave an impressionable mark on our customers. While old favourites are popular, our chefs are always trying to improve their techniques, most notably with the Chef’s’Specials. Take a look at our online menu for some of your favourite Halal, Persian dishes!

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61-63 Wilmslow Road
Rusholme, M145TB

Top Dishes


homemade yoghurt with chopped cucumber and mint


homemade yoghurt mixed with shallots


a combination of special beans and mediterranean mixed spices, deep fried and served with tahini dip


lamb neck cooked in a tomato sauce served with rice


half an chicken cooked in saffron, served with basmati rice berries


a lamb stew cooked with chopped parsley, chives and red kidney beans

Caspian's Reviews

258 reviews


  • Good, tasty, delivered on time.


  • The green rice was a mistake gave me a bad stomach and the hummus was alright but the chicken nuggets was average


  • The Khoroshteh Bameyeh was on point so was the donner with rice , chip and cheese was ok the rest is ok also


  • I have to admit that the delivery of the food was very fast which was nice because I was very hungry! The problem was more the food itself, I like middle-easten cuisine but this fell short of expectations. I understand that the food was not going to be the best I've ever had but this really was disappointing. The bread for starters has not been cooked a traditional stone oven, it had been microwaved and the yoghurt sauce was watery and inedible. The kobedah and the bbq beef as well but the rices was not particularly good and the chicken was very dry. Perhaps this is a place to eat in..?


  • Disgusting and rude


  • First of all The costumer service is the worst specially the guy on the phone was so rude! And then after all that I found a dead cockroach I inside my food. This absolutely disgusting and unacceptable. I have never seen a restaurant like this in my life.


  • It was good as usual, but the price keeps jumping always


  • after 1:20 I recieved my order and the shop 5 minuts away from me. I rang the shop and lady was on the phone owner wife was rude. she said will is not only u who ordered and driver left the shop 20 minuts ago . when I asked for manager or her name she said I am not given and I am in charge this shop. I will never recommend to order from this shop. food quality so bad .will never order again.


  • Kebab was very smelly and they serve wrong chunk peace as described in menu.this was very nice take away before but its owned buy someone els so now food quality very bad.


  • didn't get what I paid for


  • It was my first order with Caspian, and I appreciated the food taste and quality as one of the best that I ever tried in Manchester. 10\10


  • ordered from here for the first time, 2 starters a kebab and some chicken nuggets. they phoned to replace the nuggets with a chicken burger. what arrived was either lukewarm or cold. the starters (an aubergine and a spinach one) were just awful tasting mush, the kebab had no salad and sauce as ordered there was plenty of meat though. after trying a bit of each I felt nauseous, and still feel like I've been poisoned the morning after. the chicken burger wasn't even a chicken fillet was obviously some frozen crap reheated and that was dry, overcooked and just put on a bun on its own. definitely wont be ordering from here ever again suspect they have food hygiene issues.


  • Apart from some off the food missing,the food was nice and I phoned the shop and they sent the rest of my food,


  • The kebab & naan were great, but the flafel was cold & too crunchy. The delivery was supposed to take 100 minutes (max) but instead it took around 140 minutes.


  • This will be the last time I order from here me and my son and husband got food poisoning been vomiting ever since we ate from here never again!!!! It really messed us up badly espicially me being 8 months pregnant!!!!